The future of Social Democracy

The coalition agreement between Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats will be put to a vote by all SPD members. Many in the SPD argue against entering government because they fear that this would further erode voter support for the SPD. Yet Social Democratic parties across Europe, irrespective of whether they are in government … Continue reading The future of Social Democracy

Syrian Kurds on the Defensive

By Ferhates (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Turkey's recent military operation against Afrin in Syria's Northwest aims, as similar incursions before, to prevent a congruous Kurdish-controlled area to come about along its southern border. It looks as if the Syrian Kurds will have to reduce their aspirations for independence, just like the Iraqi Kurds were forced to do last September. For their … Continue reading Syrian Kurds on the Defensive

The New Wilhelminism

Summary: Germany under its last emperor Wilhelm II strived to become a world power and ultimately failed. Today’s Germany, while dispensing with the empire's militarism, is more successful: it is dominating Europe, due to its economic weight. Germany's dominance is increased through its unnecessarily high external surpluses. These benefit only Germany's industrial elite, which is … Continue reading The New Wilhelminism

Korea: Neutrality is the only solution


Summary: Tensions in Korea are running high. Yet one possible solution has been little explored: unification of the peninsula with China's consent and under the leadership of the South. South Korea would assure China's cooperation by pledging to become neutral, with US troops leaving the peninsula.  Commentators around the world scramble these days to give … Continue reading Korea: Neutrality is the only solution